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TV Scoreboard

TV Scoreboard is a $5 app available to download on your Amazon Fire TV that turns a television into a sport’s scoreboard.

TV Scoreboard keeps Home and Guest score, as well as an optional timer, that can count up or down. The Amazon Fire TV Remote controls all aspects of TV Scoreboard, and the settings screen allows you to control the length of the clock, as well as if a buzzer sounds or not when the clock hits zero.

TV Scoreboard color scheme is simple (White font on black) with huge numbers so it can be as visible as possible from a distance.

TV Scoreboard Screenshot


  • Kids sports leagues on fields or courts without a scoreboard
  • Bars and indoor facilities with scored gaming
  • Tournament scorekeeping for games like pingpong, darts, cornhole, or other games
  • Anything where a winner is crowned- such as a push up contest, wing-eating competition, or who can wash the most dishes!

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