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Sortzy States

Sortzy is a unique geography trivia game that teaches through comparing US States by size, population, location on a map, and even their cow population.

Sortzy Gameplay

Moving away from rote memorization, children & adults can lock in on actual learning while taking on a deeper appreciation of the USA. Anyone can memorize that Trenton is the capital of New Jersey, but the real value of Sortzy is while taking in this fact, a child also learns that New Jersey has the highest population density of any US State, is the 2nd richest state per capita, and only 3 states are smaller! Of course, Sortzy also throws in fun- like the number of cows per state, all wrapped inside a timed-base trivia model.

Sortzy States starts at basic geography and demographics info, and builds from there. Unlock each region of the United States by answering comparative trivia questions, and see if you can master all 50 states to BOSS Level.

Sortzy is USA state trivia targeted for 4th to 8th graders, though it’s great knowledge for all. Sortzy teaches state shapes and land area, where states are on the map, capital cities and their population, and more.

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