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LiDAR Night Vision

LiDAR NIGHT VISION uses both the front and back cameras to allow a user to see their surroundings - even in complete darkness.


Unlike a regular camera, LiDAR and infrared sensors do not need ambient light. They both generate their own light, which you cannot see. Therefore, both sensors will work in complete darkness. Here is a video with an explanation and showing it in action (with bonus spelunking content). ​ The LiDAR Night Vision app turns the world around you into a depth map, where different colors represent distances from your device.

See It In Action @ YouTube


  • See in the dark without turning on your flashlight
  • Show off your new phone capabilities
  • Explore how LiDAR and infrared technology works
  • Learn about depth maps and seeing without light


This app will work on devices that don’t have LiDAR. It will use the front TrueDepth camera to provide a depth map of yourself and objects behind you. The rear-facing display will not work without an iPhone 12 Pro or iPad Pro (4th Generation).

What’s Next?

Stay tuned. LiDAR Night Vision is a work in progress! What’s next? Video and photo capture? (Likely). Better images/Bug fixes (Assuredly). A Sperry Labs logo (maybe). Something mysterious? (Yesssss.)

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