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Simple TV Display

Simple TV Display (released as No Sleep Webpage TV) is an easy way to turn any tv and an Amazon Fire TV Stick into digital sign.

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The app allows you to display a full screen webpage, and image, or a video. You can download the image or video to your Amazon Fire device so the app works even if you do not have access to a good connection. A few examples for use cases would be building directories, restaurant menus, lobby displays, or use at a conference or tradeshow.

A non-technical person can easily use the service. You don’t need to know how to setup servers, use complicated templates or even how to build a webpage. The Simple TV Display app costs $9.99 USD as a one time, non-subscription fee. To get setup, all you do is download, open the app, and enter a URL, and you’re off.

Learn More @ SimpleTVDisplay.com

Download @ Amazon

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