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oobgolf was a golf stat tracking and golf course database service for amateur golfers. Started by Kevin Langdon and Andrew Brown in 2006 oobgolf grew organically from two users to hundreds of thousands, collecting stat tracking data for millions of holes of golf.

Users could calculate their handicaps as well as keep detailed hole-by-hole stats like fairways hit, greens in regulation and number of putts. Users would enter their rounds on the course, or back at their computer and then analyze their game with charts, graphs and helpful information to help them become better golfers.

Once mobile technology became a factor, oobgolf started collecting GPS data of courses around the world as well as let players keep their score while playing, and have those scores live broadcast back to their friends and followers.

oobgolf was acquired by Skygolf, the makers of SkyCaddie, the preeminent golf GPS company in 2009.